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Do You Look as Good as You Feel?

If you don't, perhaps it's because you're noticing common signs of aging—sagging of the skin on your neck, cheeks, or eyelids. If these outward signs are affecting the way you feel inside, perhaps you're considering taking action through cosmetic surgery. You're thinking maybe a facelift would rejuvenate your appearance. Yet, you're not sure what's involved or whether cosmetic surgery is right for you. This book can help you explore the possibilities.

The authors are board-certified facial plastic surgeons and have performed thousands of facelifts and other cosmetic procedures. They understand that the decision to have cosmetic surgery is a very personal and important one. In Your Complete Guide to Facelifts, they present the facts about facial cosmetic surgery clearly and concisely, and answer such questions as:

  • Am I a candidate for a facelift?
  • What type of facelift would give me the best result?
  • Should I consider other procedures such as an eyelid lift?
  • How soon can I go out in public after a facelift?
  • Will I have post-surgical pain?
  • How long will the results last?

This book contains 75 color illustrations and photos, including dozens of photos of "before and after" pictures of those who’ve had facelifts, eyelid lifts, brow lifts, and skin rejuvenation. A resource section, glossary, and index are also included.

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Are You Unhappy with Your Nose?

Is it too large? Too small? Is your nose crooked? Perhaps you have a hump in the bridge of your nose. If you're unhappy with your nose, you have probably thought about having rhinoplasty, the medical term for what is commonly called "nose reshaping" or a "nose job." And, you're not alone—some 300,000 people have nose reshaping procedures each year. In fact, it is the second most popular plastic surgery procedure in the United States.

The authors of Your Complete Guide to Nose Reshaping are respected facial cosmetic surgeons who have performed thousands of rhinoplasties. They understand your concerns and the questions you have as you anticipate surgery. Among the questions they answer:

  • How do you choose the right surgeon?
  • Are you a candidate for nose reshaping?
  • What kind of anesthesia is used during surgery?
  • Will you have pain after the surgery?
  • Will your nose be bandaged? If so, how long?
  • How soon can you resume work and physical exercise?

This book contains 65 color photos, including dozens of "before and after" photos of patients who have had rhinoplasty. A resource section, glossary, and index are also included.

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Facial Cosmetic Surgery

From choosing a doctor to postsurgical recovery, this guidebook for facial cosmetic surgery provides tips for every stage of the most popular procedures including facelifts, lip augmentation, and rhinoplasty. Potential risks and complications, realistic expectations, and criteria for determining if one is a good candidate for surgery are addressed by three experienced plastic surgeons. The newest materials used in cosmetic surgery, such as Restylane, longer-lasting wrinkle filler, and surgical techniques that promote quicker healing are discussed. An insightful introduction supplies a brief history of cosmetic surgery and dispels common myths.

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The Non-Surgical Facelift Book

This comprehensive guide to nonsurgical cosmetic facial procedures covers botox injections, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, laser skin resurfacing, laser hair removal, and collagen injections. Each procedure is analyzed in terms of intended results, ideal candidates, details of the procedures, anesthetics, and follow-up care. Before and after photographs illustrate the medical descriptions and vividly show the dramatic changes.

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LIFT - Personal Journeys in Facial Plastic Surgery

This iBook is the first of its kind. It integrates medical 3D animation, before and after photos, Dr. Mendelsohn interviews and patient testimonials in a truly first of its kind in the industry educational book on Facelifting procedures. This book can be found in the iTUnes STore and costs only $4.99

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